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Rosengard Ranch

Welcome to Rosengard Ranch

(formerly Funny Farm Fainters of Canada)

We are a small multi-generational family hobby farm located just outside Mitchell, Manitoba. We have many different animals who call our farm home, including our small herd of registered myotonic and miniature silky fainting goats.

We did a thing!

This spring, Terry and I were fortunate enough to meet Anja and Dean Moore from Chinook Fainters in Alberta as we were looking for a new buck to add to our family. It was then I learned that Anja and Dean were looking for a new forever home for their amazing herd of fainters and thought Terry and I would be a good fit. Naturally, we accepted and the fencing began. With a little blood, sweat, and tears and all hands on deck we welcomed 65 new goats to our family and couldn’t be more thrilled!

Terry and I are looking forward to this new adventure and will strive to provide the same excellent quality breeding stock Chinook Fainters has worked so hard to achieve.

With the new goats, came a new name, Rosengard Ranch, that we thought better suited what we now represent.

Please be patient as our website develops. There will be lots of changes for the next little while as we settle in.